Fudge, the Old-Fashioned Way


Kristen Anderson makes fudge the old-fashioned way: from real ingredients, and from scratch. It’s not simply about the mouth-watering flavors you’ll find at Castle View Fudge, but it’s also about what you won’t find.  No fillers, chemicals or fake anything—just real butter, sugar, milk, fruits, nuts and pure flavors.

Kristen, who lives and works in Moultonboro, has been making fudge for about four years and loves creating delicious new flavors from the ground up. In addition to her standards like chocolate, penuche and maple, she often features a customer favorite, “Lemon Lemon,” made with the juice and zest of whole lemons. She recently created a custom flavor for a wedding special order, made with rose petals and coconut. You might find her cranberry orange fudge at the market, or her “Sea Salt Roasted Peanut” fudge, made with her own homemade peanut butter. (Yes, that’s right—she grinds the peanuts by hand.) Kristen’s commitment to using local (when possible) and pure ingredients sets her apart. “It’s important to me to have full control over the quality of my ingredients,” she said. “The result is better quality fudge.” And that’s what it’s all about!

A few pieces of fudge makes a perfect hostess gift if you’re headed out this weekend. Then again, a few pieces of fudge makes a perfect treat for a stay-at-home weekend. Either way, stop by to say high to Kristen at the Castle View Fudge tent. She’s one of the market’s fine new vendors this season; if you haven’t met her yet, it’s high time you did!

Visit Castle View Fudge on Facebook, and leave a friendly comment or two—after you try the fudge, that is!

Best of the Season Still to Come!


Summer is still in full steam here in Wolfeboro, and so is the farmers market scene! Lots of delicious fixings for picnics and cookouts, from corn and fresh vegetables to farm-raised chicken, beef and pork. Don’t forget dessert! Among the dessert options you’ll find at the market, this summer we’re happy to welcome Sanbornton’s Rollin’ in the Dough bakery. Rollin’ in the Dough is a family run bakery that specializes in homemade pastries, breads, sandwiches and more. Pick up a few treats while you’re at the market!

This year’s market will be open through Thursday, October 8, so we have lots of fun market weeks ahead. This summer has been the most successful season yet, with customers routinely commenting about the wonderful mix of vendors and the friendly community spirit. We couldn’t do it without you, so thank you!

Summer is great, and we all know that it does come to an end in these parts, if not for several weeks. But, don’t worry! The Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market’s volunteer board is scurrying around right now, nailing down plans for a winter market location. Stay tuned for news!

In the mean time, enjoy these steamy summer days, and have fun stocking up on the best fare of the region, right here at Clark Park in Wolfeboro, Thursdays, 12:30 to 4:30. Bring a friend!

MayaBites … Tempting Area Dogs with Yummy Treats


You may be one of the many people who visit the market escorted by their canine pal. Or, perhaps your canine pal is relaxing at home while you shop. Either way, we’re so happy to introduce dog treats this season!

Elaine Luke, owner of MayaBites of Center Ossipee, creates a delicious assortment of healthy, dog-delicious treats in a full range of flavors, sizes and shapes. She uses only the highest quality ingredients and each of her recipes has been thoroughly tested on a panel of local pups! Flavors include Apple Cinnamon, Coconut, Bacon Parsley, Peanut Butter Oat, Peanut Banana Honey, PB&J Oat, Blueberry Oat, and Veggie (for Hippie Dogs Only). No artificial preservatives!

Elaine’s goal with this yummy business is to provide healthy, local, high-quality treats for dogs who just might be in need of a little pampering. (And, what dog isn’t?) So, when you’re picking up a treat for yourself at one of the market’s many fine vendors, consider a treat or two for your pooch!

Participating in the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market has been fun for Elaine (and her husband David, who helps out too now and then). Not only has she enjoyed meeting people and the general buzz of the market, but she’s finding delicious meat and produce for the humans at home. “An unanticipated perk,” she says.

Stop by to say hi to Elaine next time you’re at the market, and bring home some freshly baked treats for someone you love!

Fresh Blends from Regina’s Spices—For Your Market-Fresh Culinary Creations


Jessica Regina offers aromatic, hand-blended spices and blends under the orange glow of her vendor tent at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market. With family connections in Center Ossipee, Jessica calls Portland, Maine her home. Regina Spices joined our winter market mid-season earlier this year, and she quickly applied to be a vendor at the summer market. So, now it’s super easy to round out your market shopping with just the perfect seasoning for new culinary adventures.

Jessica has been grinding, blending and dreaming up spice blends for several years, and she formerly owned a spice shop in downtown Portland. Among the many delicious and fresh blends like her classic “Herbes de Provence,” she brings to market are a couple of new ones, just in time for summer feasting. Her “Seafood & Chowder” blend is an all-purpose seafood and fish seasoning made with fennel, lemon and thyme. She also offers a savory “Orange, Sesame, Five Spice” blend, using her freshly ground five spice powder. She originally designed the blend for pork and chicken. But, why stop there? “It really shines with white fish, scallops, and tuna,” says Jessica. “And it has a definite Asian flare.”

For the sweeter tooth, Jessica also makes her own crystallized ginger, with what she describes as “a super spicy ginger.” In the next few weeks, shoppers can look forward to her new herb salt blend, made from herbs from Bowery Beach Farm in Cape Elizabeth Maine. She’ll soon be adding a new infused sugar using the farm’s rose geraniums. Ah, summer!

Jessica has found a warm welcome at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market, and looks forward to her weekly market time. Please welcome Jessica to the market and stop by for a taste. You can either sniff your way to her booth or just look for the spicy orange tent.

Smiling Sheep Farm Brings Wooly Warmth to Market

IMG_20150707_141719Hillary Chapin of Smiling Sheep Farm brings her wool products, handwoven blankets, sheepskins and fresh lamb to market every week. Located in Milton, New Hampshire, Smiling Sheep Farm raises and shows sheep, with a flock of about 50 sheep—mostly romney, with a few blue-aced blue-faced leicesters. Romney is a sturdy, calm sheep, which Hilary first got to know as a 4-H younger, growing up in Temple, New Hampshire. She and her husband Wes, who is from Connecticut, met in 4-H and share a lifelong love of all things sheep.

The name of the farm—Smiling Sheep Farm—provides an ongoing reminder to the Chapins that their first goal was, and remains, to have fun. The fun Hillary and Wes experienced as youngsters involved with 4-H is now being experienced by their two children, who are carrying on the family 4-H tradition, making sheep a passion for the whole family.

Bringing products to the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market means a lot to Hilary and Wes. Although they’ve been participating in sheep and fiber events around New England for years, this is their first farmers market experience, and they’re loving it. “Reception here has been great,” says Hillary. “We’re hoping to someday have a farmstore, and this is a great way to get to know the community.

Smiling Sheep Farm’s booth at the market is easy to spot, with brightly colored skeins of wool piled high, inviting summer knitters and fiber artists to get started on those winter projects now! Be sure to stop by and say hello to Hillary, and to welcome Smiling Sheep Farm to the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market. You just may head home with a knitting project in your bag!

Butternuts Offers Ready-to-Serve Yummy Foods


Sally Hunter brings the best of Butternuts’ prepared foods to market every week, so it’s a good idea to keep your weekend menu planning open! If you’re too hot to cook, or extra company drops by, Butternuts can help.

Butternuts’ Good Dishes has been in business in downtown Wolfeboro for seven years, offering kitchen goods, as well as delicious, homemade gourmet foods. The store’s “good dishes” include foods from local vendors and their own freshly prepared entrees and salads from the Butternuts kitchen. And the best news is: they’re now offering a delicious selection of ever-changing ready-to-eat items at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market.

Shoppers will find delicious herb chicken salad, carrot salad, Greek salad and fresh potato salad at the Butternuts booth—and more! Other items you might find include pesto cheese tortellini, roasted summer veggies or assorted quiches. Butternuts also offers its own line of salad dressings, stuffed olives, dipping oils, and marinades, salsa and pasta sauces. Items will vary each week! Sally uses as many locally-grown ingredients as possible in Butternuts dishes, and has a long-standing commitment to the community. She is excited about bringing Butternuts foods to our lively community market.

Please be sure to say hello to Sally Hunter this week, and pick up a few items for your weekend meals. Supporting our new vendors is the very best way you can show your appreciation and welcome them to the market!

Mountain Heartbeet: Fresh Veggies and Heartfelt Farming Passion

Joanne Ducas, Mountain Heartbeet Veggies

This week’s vendor spotlight welcomes Mountain Heartbeet, one of the market’s new vegetable vendors. Farmer Joanne Ducas sows and tends her crops at Effingham’s Farm by the River, by the shores of the Ossipee River, a collaboration that continues a long tradition of farming and land stewardship. Old friends with farm owners Bill and Eve Klotz, Joanne is excited to be working the soil and running a small CSA for the community. (She still has a couple of Saturday openings!) She worked as a farm assistant manager for the last few years in the seacoast area, and is ready for the solo responsibility of a small, community-focused, diversified farm.

Mountain Heartbeet is working currently toward organic certification. Although Joanne is quick to point out that many farms operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner without being Certified Organic, she feels the structure of organic certification will help her to stay organized and provide a level of accountability to her work. “I want to be the best farmer I can be and I feel this program helps me track my progress each year and aligns me with other like-minded folks,” she says. Organic certification will be happening in the not-too-distant future, according to Joanne.

Joanne is looking forward to getting to know the farmers market crowd, and chatting it up about farming, vegetables and delicious recipes. Among the diverse variety of cooking and salad greens right now, Joanne is harvesting Napa cabbage. “Try mixing up savory cabbage cakes, using a (not-sweet) pancake batter, chopped onion and savory spices. Old Bay Seasoning turns this recipe into “Poor Man’s Crabcakes,” says Joanne. Baking or sizzling in a skillet finish them off for a delicious summer supper.

Joanne loves the community-building aspect of the farmers market, and the connections it offers with other farmers, vendors and customers. Be sure to introduce yourself to Joanne! Stop by to say hello, and add some summer greens to your shopping bag!