Get Ready for Your Holiday Weekend at the Farmers Market!


The best of summer is yet to come! Late August is a sweet time in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, isn’t it? The sun is bright, the days still warm (even if the early morning is a bit cooler) and farmers market bounty is at its best!

This weekend, cookouts in the area will be featuring fare from the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market. Maybe your holiday weekend celebration menu includes fresh potato salad, local chicken, pork or beef on the grill, fresh corn and some delicious grilled summer squash or eggplant. Have you tried thinly-sliced beets, roasted on the grill and topped with a dollop of fresh goat cheese? Rounded out with some delicious breads and baked goods, you’ll be all set! You might want to bring TWO shopping bags with you to the market today!

Shana Aisenberg will be playing some combo of her many instruments at the market today (guitar, fiddle, mandolin and more), setting an energetic vibe for shoppers and vendors. We’re so grateful for our market musicians who so generously provide entertainment every week! Please remember to show your appreciation by dropping some money in their baskets!

See you at the market today! We’ll be there, at Clark Park in Wolfeboro, from 12:30 to 4:30 today, and it’s a fantastically beautiful summer day, again!

Vendor Spotlight: Sumner Brook Herbals


Sumner Brook Herbals offers a unique line of herbal products at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market—and a knowledgeable herbalist right there to talk about it all. Jessica Cole brings healing herbal products the market every week: soothing salves, flavorful healing teas, spice blends, chaga mushrooms and more. Jessica is a certified herbalist, practicing in Ossipee, New Hampshire at Sumner Brook Herbals, which she operates alongside Sumner Brook Fish Farm. (You’ll find their trout at the market, too.)

It’s Jessica’s third year at the market, and she loves connecting with new customers who might not otherwise make it over to Ossipee to find her products. Chaga Chai is a hot seller, along with Bug Free or Die and a soothing, multi-purpose healing salve that’s handy to have in your first aid kit or purse. Jessica trained as an herbalist at Greenwood Herbals in Parsonsfield, Maine in 2008 and is happy to be providing herbal wisdom and products to market customers. Please stop by her booth when you’re at the market!

Market fare in general is in its high summer glory right now, with corn, tomatoes and—tomorrow—FRESH chicken (from Wotton Farm). The weather forecast is a good one, and we’ll be looking forward to a good crowd.

See you at the market!


Market in Full Swing Now!

Summer’s here for real now! And the market is in full swing. We continue to be lucky to have beautiful weather, good crowds and great vendors! If you haven’t stopped by the market yet, it’s about time you did!

See you at the market this Thursday (12:30 to 4:30)! In the mean time, enjoy this quick snapshot of the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market.

Win A Market Bag in Our Free Weekly Raffle!


Our sturdy, crispy-fresh, ready-for-shopping market bags arrived just in time for the kick-off of the season. The Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market Association was the lucky (and grateful) recipient of New Hampshire Department of Agriculture funding this year, which enabled us to produce the bags. They may look white to you, but they’re really green! The fabric is made from recycled soda bottles, and they were printed and produced locally, in Bedford, New Hampshire.

We’ll raffle off one bag each week at the close of the market day, so be sure to stop by the market table to pick up a FREE raffle ticket. Bags are also available for a suggested donation of $5, so don’t miss out!

While you’re there, say hi to Karen Haeger, our market manager. She’s the blur you’ll see running around before each market, making sure every last detail is in place for the market to go off without a hitch. She’s also the one ringing that opening bell to let the crowds burst forth into the market!

Vendor Spotlight: Sap House Meadery


Two guys with a good idea, a taste for fine mead and a desire to create a small-town, community-minded business—Ash Fischbein and Matt Trahan founded the Sap House Meadery in 2010. Together they rejuvenated an old store front in downtown Center Ossipee, New Hampshire using recycled materials and sustainable building techniques.

“We were drawn to be a part of the community from the beginning,” said co-founder Matt Trahan. Participating in the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market and other local markets just made sense, according to Matt. “We need more farmers markets! They give farmers more access to the people who can support their work.” Selling mead alongside the market’s fruits, vegetables, cheeses and meats works well for the Meadery, and increases awareness about a product that has not always been well known.

Mead, possibly the oldest alcoholic drink in history, is fermented from honey, water and a variety of fruits and flavors and it can range from still to sparkling. Many Sap House Meadery meads are enhanced with the sweetness of local maple syrup. Matt and Ash take pride in incorporating unconventional ingredients like blueberries, vanilla beans, blackberries, chocolate and even kombucha. They enjoy sourcing ingredients locally from area farms.

Did you know that honey is the only food in nature that never spoils?

Strong values about the local economy, community and the environment are at the heart of the Meadery’s mission. They are committed to “creating a product that is steeped in history, produced naturally, and enjoyed universally.”

Check out the Sap House Meadery’s meads at the next market. Take home a bottle to share over dinner, or a few to share with friends.

Sunny Opening Day Market Welcomes Sunny Crowd


Postcard-perfect weather welcomed a cheery crowd of shoppers to the market on opening day, many of them waiting at the entrance well in advance of the opening bell as vendors scurried to prepare for the big rush.

Clark Park in Wolfeboro is a spacious, cool and green setting for the market, with its expanse of lawn that encourages strolling and stopping to chat—and that’s just what folks did. Locals, market regulars, seasonal residents and visitors all took their time enjoying the scene, many connecting with old friends they hadn’t seen since last season.

The Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market, like most farmers markets, is a rain or shine event. Even so, we all hope for good weather on opening day and, as Board Chair Fred Martin observed, “We got exactly what we ordered!”

Many thanks to our shoppers for supporting the market once again! 2014 is going to be a fine year!

Vendor Spotlight: Kearsarge Mountain Soaps and Sundries


Joining the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market for the 2014 season is Kearsarge Mountain Soaps and Sundries of North Conway, New Hampshire, with a beautiful line of all-natural bodycare products.

Lori Bushey produces goat milk soaps and lotions, lip balms, herbal insect repellents, baby products and much more, and has been refining and improving the line of products now for more than 16 years. She sets up at two other New Hampshire farmers markets, and was eager to join the Wolfeboro market after hearing so many good things about the people, setting and energy of the market.

Most popular in the Kearsarge Mountain Soaps and Sundries line of products are the goat milk body lotion, described as “A thick, creamy blend of magical goat milk and skin-nourishing oils and butters to help you love the skin you’re in.” Shoppers also head for the New Hampshire Lilac Soap (also made from goat milk) and all-natural bug spray (even a deerfly formula!).

Be sure to check out Lori’s products next week when you visit the market.



Four New Vendors Join Market on Opening Day, June 19


Just one week from today, the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market will open for the season. The 2014 season will feature 20 vendors—the largest number ever for this 12-year old community market. We’ve got four new vendors joining the fun this year: Chickadee Chocolates, Kearsarge Mountain Soaps and Sundries, Rose Moon Soap and La Boca Bakery.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll spotlight each here on the website, in hopes that you’ll welcome them in person at the market. The board carefully selects vendors for quality, unique, local products and to balance market offerings so that shoppers will find lots of variety in one place. We think you’ll like the energy our new vendors bring, as well as their products. We’re also welcoming back 16 fine vendors from the 2013 season, and we’ll spotlight them as well throughout the season.

Vendor Spotlight: La Boca Bakery

First up is Wolfeboro’s La Boca Bakery, owned by Elizabeth Rice and Steven López. Liz is a Wolfeboro native who returned to town with husband Steven to open La Boca Bakery, which celebrates two years in business in July. Liz and Steve both love the interaction with customers that a small town shop offers and are committed to being active members of the community, which is what brings them to the farmers market.

As a shopper last year, Liz says she loved the way people came together at the farmers market. She was struck by the way people shopped, chatted and lingered, enjoying the scene together and munching on delicious market fare at the same time.

La Boca (which means “the mouth” in Spanish—taste comes first for these two discriminating chefs) will offer a few types of bread at each market, including one weekly “wild card” for shoppers looking for a culinary adventure. They’ll also be sampling their flavored butters, like orange honey and other flavors. Shoppers can count on at least a couple of sweet treats ready for enjoying on the fly as well, making lingering longer at the market a sweet option.

We’re expecting the best year ever for the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market. Thank YOU for being a part of our ongoing success. We’re looking forward to seeing our market friends next Thursday at Clark Park (12:30 to 4:30) and we’re especially looking forward to seeing our friends’ friends, too.

That’s a hint: remember to bring a friend or two along to the market. Share the fun.

Be sure to sign up here on the website for market updates and “like” us on Facebook. See you next Thursday!

Market Welcomes New Vendors


With just a few weeks left ’til opening day, the Board has been busy lining up vendors for the 2014 Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market season. Sixteen returning vendors and four new will offer a variety of locally produced foods, beverages and products, and applications are still coming in.

New to the market this year are: Kearsarge Mountain Soaps and Sundries, Chickadee Chocolate, La Boca Bakery and Rose Moon Soap.

Opening day is set for Thursday, June 19, 12:30 to 4:30. Check out the list of vendors and dust off your favorite shopping bag! Summer is just around the corner!