2014 Market Opens Thursday, June 19

SunnySnowCentral New Hampshire weather may seem to be having its fun with us right now, but three things are for certain. The snow will melt, eventually. We’ll wake up one morning, very soon, to the official start of mud season. And, most importantly, the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market will open on Thursday, June 19, 2014, two days before summer solstice and long after that mud has dried up.

The grass at Clark Park will be green. Market vendors (many returning, a few new) will unload their crates and stock their tables with the finest farm-fresh produce, meats, honey, eggs, bread, dairy products, sweet treats—and more—that the Lakes Region (and beyond) has to offer. Did you ever wonder what farmers and local food artisans do during the winter and early spring? They get ready for a busy summer, of course! (Among other things, like participating in the region’s winter farmers markets, planting crops, raising chicks and birthing lambs.) If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, we’re accepting vendor applications for the coming season.

The Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market’s Board of Directors is looking forward to a banner year, with more shopping feet on the ground at Clark Park than ever before. And they’ve spent the winter preparing, too. With the help of a United States Department of Agriculture grant, the board will be introducing some oh-so-trendy canvas market bags this season, so get ready to shop in style!

You can help to make this year the strongest year ever for your favorite market by doing five simple things:

  1. Mark your calendar for June 19.
  2. Invite a friend or two to join you at the market—extra points if that friend is a newcomer to the market!
  3. Subscribe to this website for market news.
  4. Like our Facebook page, and share news about the market with your Facebook friends.
  5. Resolve to do even more of your shopping this season at the market and to support your local food economy.

We’re grateful for the community spirit that makes this market thrive, and so proud to be bringing this market to the community for the 12th year. Thank you!

What more could we want?

Well, we could want one important thing! The Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market is looking for a market manager for the 2014 season. Are you well organized? Do you feel happy when everything’s running just right? Are you creative and business-savvy? Do you love the market? Do you have experience and ideas about making the market the best it can be, every week? This is a paid position. If you’re interested, e-mail your resume to Board Chair Fred Martin. We’d love to hear from you!


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