Vendor Spotlight: Sumner Brook Herbals


Sumner Brook Herbals offers a unique line of herbal products at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market—and a knowledgeable herbalist right there to talk about it all. Jessica Cole brings healing herbal products the market every week: soothing salves, flavorful healing teas, spice blends, chaga mushrooms and more. Jessica is a certified herbalist, practicing in Ossipee, New Hampshire at Sumner Brook Herbals, which she operates alongside Sumner Brook Fish Farm. (You’ll find their trout at the market, too.)

It’s Jessica’s third year at the market, and she loves connecting with new customers who might not otherwise make it over to Ossipee to find her products. Chaga Chai is a hot seller, along with Bug Free or Die and a soothing, multi-purpose healing salve that’s handy to have in your first aid kit or purse. Jessica trained as an herbalist at Greenwood Herbals in Parsonsfield, Maine in 2008 and is happy to be providing herbal wisdom and products to market customers. Please stop by her booth when you’re at the market!

Market fare in general is in its high summer glory right now, with corn, tomatoes and—tomorrow—FRESH chicken (from Wotton Farm). The weather forecast is a good one, and we’ll be looking forward to a good crowd.

See you at the market!


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