Get Ready for Your Holiday Weekend at the Farmers Market!


The best of summer is yet to come! Late August is a sweet time in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, isn’t it? The sun is bright, the days still warm (even if the early morning is a bit cooler) and farmers market bounty is at its best!

This weekend, cookouts in the area will be featuring fare from the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market. Maybe your holiday weekend celebration menu includes fresh potato salad, local chicken, pork or beef on the grill, fresh corn and some delicious grilled summer squash or eggplant. Have you tried thinly-sliced beets, roasted on the grill and topped with a dollop of fresh goat cheese? Rounded out with some delicious breads and baked goods, you’ll be all set! You might want to bring TWO shopping bags with you to the market today!

Shana Aisenberg will be playing some combo of her many instruments at the market today (guitar, fiddle, mandolin and more), setting an energetic vibe for shoppers and vendors. We’re so grateful for our market musicians who so generously provide entertainment every week! Please remember to show your appreciation by dropping some money in their baskets!

See you at the market today! We’ll be there, at Clark Park in Wolfeboro, from 12:30 to 4:30 today, and it’s a fantastically beautiful summer day, again!

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