One More Summer Market: Winter Market Ahead!


One season closes, and another opens! This Thursday marks the end of a gloriously sunny, bountiful summer season for the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market. We’ve had great weather, good crowds, busy vendors and foot-tapping music every week, and we’re already looking forward to next year, so stay tuned!

And, in just a few weeks, we’ll open for our winter season at the Mountain Grainery on Route 16 in Ossipee; more on that later. We’ll be there from November 1 through March 28, Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Vendor Spotlight: Top of the Hill Farm

You can’t miss it: Top of the Hill Farm is the first vendor on the left, as you enter the market from the parking lot: or, you could spot it by the buckets of brightly-colored fresh flowers that beckon shoppers in—it’ll remain one of the busiest booths at the market until closing time each week.

Top of the Hill Farm offers grass-fed meat (beef, pork and lamb), fresh vegetables and fruits and cut flowers that often go within the first half hour of the market. Alan Frederickson and his family have been farming in on Martin’s Hill Road in Wolfeboro for 10 years, moving to the Lakes Region from a smaller farm south of Boston. Grazing the herd on 108 acres of land (in a stunning location) gave Alan the opportunity to increase the size of the herd and devote more effort to crossbreeding efforts and developing the “hybrid rigor” of the herd. Herefords are the stars at Top of the HIll Farm, with a smaller number of Maine Anjou and various crosses.

Fresh back from the Fryeburg Fair this week, the family added to its collection of ribbons and awards. Alan likes showing at the fair, noting how far the herd has come. Lots of awards this year, both for the quality of the animals but for handling as well. Understandably, the Frederickson family is very proud of the quality of their cattle. Alan cares deeply about the care his animals receive, and is meticulous about their diet. The farm practices rotational grazing, and the animals are antibiotic and hormone-free.

Top of the HIll Farm has been with the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market since its second season. Alan, Carolyn, Eric and Anna love the opportunity to connect with customers and find out first-hand what’s important to them. Farmers markets are a lot of work, (think about those giant coolers loaded with meat!), but according to Alan Frederickson, they’re also fun and gratifying. Repeat customers appreciate the quality of the farm’s meat and Alan’s commitment to raising the healthiest animals possible.

Stop by the Top of the Hill Farm’s booth at the market this week, and pick something up to round out your shopping. You’ll find them now and then, as schedules allow, at the winter market in Ossipee, but there’s no time like now to stock up the freezer!

See you at the market!

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