Knife Sharpening Starts January 3!


Are your knives worn out from holiday cooking adventures? Or just plain worn out? No sense chopping into the new year with a dull knife! We’re here to help. The Sharp Shop of Wolfeboro will be joining the market as of Saturday, January 3. You’re in for a real treat!

All sharpening (scissors, too!) is by hand—anything from pocket knives to hunting knives, to large chefs knives. It’s a slower process than sharpening with power tools, but so much better for your knives, leaving a beautiful edge, without removing too much metal.

Typical sharpening prices are: $5 for blades up to 6 inches; $7 for blades between 7 and 9 inches; and $10 for blades 10 inches and up (large chefs knives, etc).

So, plan ahead and bring your knives to the market on Saturday, January 3…sharpen while you shop! We’re here this weekend, too, so you can stock up on goodies before the next round of holiday eating. See you at the market! 10 to 2, Saturdays, at the Mountain Grainery in Ossipee, New Hampshire.

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