Butternuts Offers Ready-to-Serve Yummy Foods


Sally Hunter brings the best of Butternuts’ prepared foods to market every week, so it’s a good idea to keep your weekend menu planning open! If you’re too hot to cook, or extra company drops by, Butternuts can help.

Butternuts’ Good Dishes has been in business in downtown Wolfeboro for seven years, offering kitchen goods, as well as delicious, homemade gourmet foods. The store’s “good dishes” include foods from local vendors and their own freshly prepared entrees and salads from the Butternuts kitchen. And the best news is: they’re now offering a delicious selection of ever-changing ready-to-eat items at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market.

Shoppers will find delicious herb chicken salad, carrot salad, Greek salad and fresh potato salad at the Butternuts booth—and more! Other items you might find include pesto cheese tortellini, roasted summer veggies or assorted quiches. Butternuts also offers its own line of salad dressings, stuffed olives, dipping oils, and marinades, salsa and pasta sauces. Items will vary each week! Sally uses as many locally-grown ingredients as possible in Butternuts dishes, and has a long-standing commitment to the community. She is excited about bringing Butternuts foods to our lively community market.

Please be sure to say hello to Sally Hunter this week, and pick up a few items for your weekend meals. Supporting our new vendors is the very best way you can show your appreciation and welcome them to the market!

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