Smiling Sheep Farm Brings Wooly Warmth to Market

IMG_20150707_141719Hillary Chapin of Smiling Sheep Farm brings her wool products, handwoven blankets, sheepskins and fresh lamb to market every week. Located in Milton, New Hampshire, Smiling Sheep Farm raises and shows sheep, with a flock of about 50 sheep—mostly romney, with a few blue-aced blue-faced leicesters. Romney is a sturdy, calm sheep, which Hilary first got to know as a 4-H younger, growing up in Temple, New Hampshire. She and her husband Wes, who is from Connecticut, met in 4-H and share a lifelong love of all things sheep.

The name of the farm—Smiling Sheep Farm—provides an ongoing reminder to the Chapins that their first goal was, and remains, to have fun. The fun Hillary and Wes experienced as youngsters involved with 4-H is now being experienced by their two children, who are carrying on the family 4-H tradition, making sheep a passion for the whole family.

Bringing products to the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market means a lot to Hilary and Wes. Although they’ve been participating in sheep and fiber events around New England for years, this is their first farmers market experience, and they’re loving it. “Reception here has been great,” says Hillary. “We’re hoping to someday have a farmstore, and this is a great way to get to know the community.

Smiling Sheep Farm’s booth at the market is easy to spot, with brightly colored skeins of wool piled high, inviting summer knitters and fiber artists to get started on those winter projects now! Be sure to stop by and say hello to Hillary, and to welcome Smiling Sheep Farm to the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market. You just may head home with a knitting project in your bag!

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