MayaBites … Tempting Area Dogs with Yummy Treats


You may be one of the many people who visit the market escorted by their canine pal. Or, perhaps your canine pal is relaxing at home while you shop. Either way, we’re so happy to introduce dog treats this season!

Elaine Luke, owner of MayaBites of Center Ossipee, creates a delicious assortment of healthy, dog-delicious treats in a full range of flavors, sizes and shapes. She uses only the highest quality ingredients and each of her recipes has been thoroughly tested on a panel of local pups! Flavors include Apple Cinnamon, Coconut, Bacon Parsley, Peanut Butter Oat, Peanut Banana Honey, PB&J Oat, Blueberry Oat, and Veggie (for Hippie Dogs Only). No artificial preservatives!

Elaine’s goal with this yummy business is to provide healthy, local, high-quality treats for dogs who just might be in need of a little pampering. (And, what dog isn’t?) So, when you’re picking up a treat for yourself at one of the market’s many fine vendors, consider a treat or two for your pooch!

Participating in the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market has been fun for Elaine (and her husband David, who helps out too now and then). Not only has she enjoyed meeting people and the general buzz of the market, but she’s finding delicious meat and produce for the humans at home. “An unanticipated perk,” she says.

Stop by to say hi to Elaine next time you’re at the market, and bring home some freshly baked treats for someone you love!

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