Fudge, the Old-Fashioned Way


Kristen Anderson makes fudge the old-fashioned way: from real ingredients, and from scratch. It’s not simply about the mouth-watering flavors you’ll find at Castle View Fudge, but it’s also about what you won’t find.  No fillers, chemicals or fake anything—just real butter, sugar, milk, fruits, nuts and pure flavors.

Kristen, who lives and works in Moultonboro, has been making fudge for about four years and loves creating delicious new flavors from the ground up. In addition to her standards like chocolate, penuche and maple, she often features a customer favorite, “Lemon Lemon,” made with the juice and zest of whole lemons. She recently created a custom flavor for a wedding special order, made with rose petals and coconut. You might find her cranberry orange fudge at the market, or her “Sea Salt Roasted Peanut” fudge, made with her own homemade peanut butter. (Yes, that’s right—she grinds the peanuts by hand.) Kristen’s commitment to using local (when possible) and pure ingredients sets her apart. “It’s important to me to have full control over the quality of my ingredients,” she said. “The result is better quality fudge.” And that’s what it’s all about!

A few pieces of fudge makes a perfect hostess gift if you’re headed out this weekend. Then again, a few pieces of fudge makes a perfect treat for a stay-at-home weekend. Either way, stop by to say high to Kristen at the Castle View Fudge tent. She’s one of the market’s fine new vendors this season; if you haven’t met her yet, it’s high time you did!

Visit Castle View Fudge on Facebook, and leave a friendly comment or two—after you try the fudge, that is!

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