Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee Delights Market Shoppers


You’ve walked the ever-growing lawn of market vendors, carefully selecting your week’s items, while stopping to chat more than a few times along the way. Maybe your bags are full and heavy, and perhaps you’re a little parched and weary as well. While we wouldn’t call shopping at the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market hard work, it does take some energy.

But wait, there’s a special treat waiting for you at Dryburgh Coffee, along with a few seating options for enjoying that treat.

With an air of summery, elegant simplicity, the Dryburgh Coffee tent offers one tempting product, and one only: the best cold-brewed iced coffee that’s ever passed your lips. Barista Scott Algate cold brews two varieties of beans every Wednesday evening, refining his 18-hour brew process with every batch. The beans are hand-roasted at Wolfeboro’s Seven Suns Coffee and Tea, before being ground to perfection and brewed for market. A barista for ten years in his now-home town of Melbourne, Australia (a city with a vibrant coffee culture), Scott is passionate about coffee. “It’s the whole process, really,” he said. “The quality of the beans, the farm, the roasting—a lot happens before I brew it.” And then, there’s the cold brew process. Cold-brewing ensures that the familiar bitterness of those franchise coffees doesn’t end up in your cup, according to Scott.

Scott and his partner Yuki (artist and coffee lover) intend to head west after the summer market season, offering their cold-brewed coffee along the way from a mobile coffee shop. Future plans for Dryburgh Coffee include creating a series of artist collaborations, extending both the reach of their coffees as well as that of area artists. Scott grew up in Wolfeboro, and is visiting with family here for the summer; sharing his coffee passion at the market was a natural choice!

Stop by for a delicious iced coffee and join in our appreciation for Scott and Yuki making the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market a stop along their way.

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