Your Donations Are Tax Deductible!


Take a few moments to consider the things you love most about the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market. Maybe it’s:

  • Bumping into neighbors and feeling so good about your community?
  • Seeing the ever-increasing evidence that local agriculture is thriving and growing?
  • The huge variety of fresh, in season vegetables?
  • The pasture-raised chicken that tastes so good?
  • Cookies, pastries and sweets made with only the finest quality ingredients?
  • Fresh from the ocean fish, caught by a neighbor just hours ago?
  • The lively music that gets kids dancing and oldsters smiling and tapping their feet?
  • The delicious, hot foods prepared with care and secret sauce?
  • The opportunity to double your SNAP dollars buying fresh food?
  • Chatting it up with the actual beekeeper that produced the actual honey you’re buying?
  • Just walking around, taking it all in?

Whatever your reasons for loving the market, know that YOU are an important part of this scene, too. Your support throughout the season (really FOUR seasons, now, can you believe it?) keeps the vendors coming back and simply keeps us going.

Who’s the “us”? The Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market is led by a volunteer board of directors that meets more than their busy time really allows—they are mostly farmers, after all. They hover over the budget, select and tend to vendors, recruit musicians, find the greatest locations, set them up (and break them down) and work to get the word out. What else? They raise money to make it all even better!

Just this spring, the market became a 501-c(3) organization, and that’s good news for all of us. Your donation is tax deductible and you can donate online or in person! Your dollars support that Double SNAP program along with the market’s education and outreach activities (stay tuned for a nifty cooking demo next week!). You can donate as little or as much as you please, and we hope you will.

Your weekly support, your donations and even your toe-tapping and dancing to the music all make this market one of the best in the state. Thank you! We’re not done yet! Six weeks to go with the summer market and those raffles for a weekly $75 gift certificate will continue to the very last day, Thursday, October 6.

See you at the market, of course!


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